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Li, Z., Y. Xie, L. Shangguan, I. R. Zelaya, J. Gummeson, W. Hu, and K. Jamieson, "Towards Programming the Radio Environment with Large Arrays of Inexpensive Antennas", 16th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation: USENIX Association, 2019. PDF icon LAIA_NSDI19_final.pdf (1015.82 KB)
Li, Z., Y. Shu, G. Ananthanarayanan, L. Shangguan, K. Jamieson, and P. Bahl, "Spider: A Multi-Hop Millimeter-Wave Network for Live Video Analytics", Symposium on Edge Computing, 2021. PDF icon Spider_SEC21 (1).pdf (6.25 MB)
Li, Z., C. Wu, S. Wagner, J. C. Sturm, N. Verma, and K. Jamieson, "REITS: Reflective Surface for Intelligent Transportation Systems", HotMobile '21: Proceedings of the 22nd International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications: ACM, 2021. PDF icon REITS.pdf (2.17 MB)

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